Room Parent Information

Room Parent Responsibilities


CFBISD restrictions, due to Covid-19 concerns, do not allow for parents/caregivers to attend parties at this time.

1) In charge of the 3 class parties (Winter, Valentine’s Day & End of Year)
2) Work with teachers to help plan parties.
4) Find out the individual needs of your teacher and coordinate helping with those needs and gathering donations from parents in the class.
5) Contact your teacher regularly, and ask what their needs are. (This could be help with workroom jobs, classroom needs etc)

If you would like to sign up as a room parent, or need more information regarding the role of a room parent, contact Kelin Rortvedt, room parent coordinator.

Listed below by grade level, are room parent contacts and teacher questionnaires (if available)that list teacher favorites and classroom wish lists.

Please note: Room Parent information will be added soon!

Teacher Questionnaire
Ms. Galdos, Pre-K Aide: Galdos PKAide_18
Ms. Leigh: N/A
Mrs. Jones: N/A
Ms. Canales: N/A
Room Parent
Teacher Questionnaire
Ms. Teniente: N/A
Ms. McCain: N/A
Room Parent
First Grade 
Teacher Questionnaire
Ms. Sarah Gonzalez: favorite-things-s-gonzalez
Mrs. Hettinger: favorite-things-kinsley
Ms. Leediker: N/A
Ms. Perkins: N/A
Mrs. Calvin: N/A
Room Parent
Second Grade 
Teacher Questionnaire
Ms. Molina: N/A
Ms. Spencer: N/A
Mrs. Lopez: N/A
Ms. Alvarado: N/A
Room Parent
Third Grade 
Teacher Questionnaire
Mrs. Stout: N/A
Ms. Lisa Gonzalez: GonzalezL 3Teach_18
Ms. Cecenas-Montantes: N/A
Ms. Rocha: N/A
Room Parent
Fourth Grade 
Teacher Questionnaire
Mrs. Edgman: N/A
Ms. Muller: N/A
Ms. Hernandez: N/A
Ms. Drillette: N/A
Ms. Patterson: Patterson 4Teach_18
Room Parent
Fifth Grade 
Teacher Questionnaire
Dr. Franco: N/A
Mrs. Morgan: N/A
Mrs. Utech: N/A
Ms. Simpson: N/A
Room Parent
Additional Staff Questionnaires
Ms. Turner, Custodian: Turner Custodian_18
Ms. Jones, Special Ed: Questionnaire-Jones
Ms. Martin, Content Mastery: Questionnaire-Martin
Mr. Alcantara, Music: Alcantara SPTeach_18
Ms. Rhodes, Art: Rhodes SpTeach_18
Mrs. Smith, Librarian: Questionnaire-Smith
Mr. Caplin, Counselor: Caplin Counselor_18
Ms. Candel, Nurse: N/A
Mrs. Putman, Principal: N/A
Ms. Estrada, Assistant Principal: N/A