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Janie Stark Elementary
12400 Josey Lane
Farmers Branch, Texas 75234
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Janie Stark Elementary is summarized simply with one word … passion.  Our administration, office staff, and faculty members are passionate about student academic, social, and emotional success at each and every PK-5 grade level. Our number one priority is to create a positive school wide environment in which students can feel confident in themselves, make strong friendships, and thrive academically. Working closely with parents, our desire is to develop life-long learners who enjoy the fundamental process of learning – for if a child truly loves to learn – then nothing will ever be academically impossible!

At Janie Stark, we have many programs and resources for your children including Communities in Schools (CIS); special education; bilingual and ESL services; Gifted and Talented; Physical Education; Art; Music; Library; support from the school counselor, nurse and Instructional Facilitators; as well as the unique Dual Language program.

In the Dual Language program, kindergarten students are immersed  in both English and Spanish. English dominant speaking students are equally mixed in the same classroom with Spanish dominant speaking students. With two separate teachers working together as a team, children receive half a day instruction in each of the two languages. When children are in the Spanish part of the day, only Spanish is spoken. In the English half of the day, only English is spoken. Learning from the teacher and from their peers, student language acquisition skills develop very quickly. Before you know it, kids are incredibly speaking two languages!  At the moment, the Dual Language program runs Kindergarten through the 5th grade – but students must enter the program in their kindergarten year only. Please contact the office for more information about this unique program or for a campus visit.

Aside from academics, our Stallions have also excelled over the years winning local and state recognition and awards in Destination Imagination, the annual cultural arts contest sponsored by the PTA, and the district math competition. Another important facet of Janie Stark life is student participation in campus leadership activities and community service outreach projects. For example, our students raised a considerable amount of money in 2009-2010 to send to Haiti, and our 4th and 5th graders help with safety patrol, recycling, and the televised production of the Janie Stark News (JSTV).

Our Stark staff desires to create success at the highest levels for each and every student. We are glad that you are here, and we are excited to be working with you and your family!