Application and Reimbursement Tips

TIPS for Completing the Mini-Grant Application and Spending a Mini-Grant Award

Please answer all questions on the application form clearly and with as much detail as possible. The more information you can provide on the application, the easier the selection process will be.

Specify clearly what the money you are requesting will go towards. For example, if you are requesting $300 for books, please clarify which books, how many you need and how much is the cost per book.

Specify an estimated timeline of when your project will be completed. If awarded a mini-grant, please fulfill your project as close to the estimated timeline as possible. We understand that plans may change throughout the year and some projects may not be carried out to fruition. Please stick to your timeline as much as possible and if your plans do change, please let us know

If you are not able to complete your project, let us know so that we can offer funding to someone else.  Please let us know if you do not use your award so that we can add that amount to the next mini-grant award cycle. Please understand that mini-grants cannot be carried over to the following year.

All mini-grant reimbursements or check requests should be for the specific amount of your purchase or project. Funding cannot be for more than the initial mini-grant awarded to you.

Questions? Contact Meredith Watson, PTA President, at [email protected]