Uploading Your Personal Page Photos


  1. Log in to TreeRing website.
  2. Click “Add” under the Custom Pages section (Has a picture of a camera)
  3. Add pictures by choosing from My Computer, Flickr, or Facebook
  4. Click “Get Files from My Computer” if you are adding pictures saved on your computer.
  5. Select photos you wish to add and upload them.
  6. Choose a Photos or Artwork ring from the drop down box that you wish to add the photos to.
  7. Do not select a Community Ring to share your personal photos with.
  8. Choose who can see these images? Only select my friends or private.
  9. Once loaded, you can then add names, tags, captions, and/or community rings for each picture.
  10. To find your photos, scroll down or click on the “My Rings” button in the orange banner at the top of the page, then select “Photos” and you can see all of your uploaded photos.
Now you can start creating your personal pages.

Let’s get started Click HERE!!

If you have any questions please contact Heather Adcox at [email protected]