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Please note that the FAQs provided on this page are compiled from Stark Parents. As policies are updated from year-to-year, some answers listed may be out of date. We are actively updating information contained on this page.

If you have questions you’d like to have answered that aren’t listed, please email janiestarkpta@yahoo.com



What are the Morning Carpool Rules?

**No cell phones are allowed in carpool line or in school zone areas**

08_17_14_JS_Carpool Map_am
– Drop off is from 7:00 – 7:40 am. Students are considered tardy if they are not in classrooms by the 7:40 bell.
-K-5 students drop off in the right lane only.
-Left lane is used for passing only.  Students are not to be dropped off from the left lane.
-Students exit vehicles from the right lane on the passenger side only in-between the two crosswalks.
-Make sure your kids have backpacks ready, and are unbuckled and ready to go.
-Students that need help opening car doors will receive help from Student Safety Patrol and/or Stark Staff.
-PARENTS – DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE while in carpool line.
-PRE-K students must be walked to the cafeteria doors. Parents should drive in the left passing lane, park in the lot, and walk child to the building.

What are the Afternoon Carpool Rules?

**No cell phones are allowed in carpool line or in school zone areas**
08_17_14_JS_Carpool Map_PM
-Kinder parents may start lining up for carpool at 2:30 pm.
-K-2 parents pick up kids in the right lane. Make sure you have your car tag hanging with your students name visible. Teachers will escort Kinder students directly to your car.
-3-5 parents pick up kids in the left lane. Students will come to your car via the crosswalks.
-Center lane is for passing only.
-PARENTS – DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE while in carpool line.
-Parents who want to pick up children on foot, should use the center passing lane to park in the lot and walk to the building. Kinder dismisses from cafeteria doors. 1st-2nd dismiss at cafeteria door walkway, and 3rd-5th dismiss at main entrance near office. Kinder parents should bring their car tags with them to pick up at cafeteria door.
– All Pre-K students must be picked up from the cafeteria doors by a parent or designated pick up person

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What are spirit shirts?
Spirit shirts are t-shirts that have been sold by the PTA or school office only.

Can students wear spirit shirts instead of uniform polos?
Yes. Spirit shirts are considered uniform approved. Spirit shirts can be worn on any day of the week.

Can my student wear any spirit shirt, from any year?
Yes, as long as it was sold by Janie Stark PTA or School Office.

How can I purchase Spirit Shirts?
Spirit shirts are sold at Back to School Night, and a few PTA events throughout the year. You may also purchase spirit wear online at our marketplace.
Prices start at $10. We periodically run clearance events, so check our marketplace regularly for great deals. Please note, that our online marketplace closes at the end of May, and will re-open after the Back to School night in August.

What are uniform standards?
Navy or Khaki pant, short, skirt or jumper.
Solid red, white or navy blue polo style shirt or blouse.
Pants should fit at the waist.
Spirit shirts are acceptable any day of the week.
Athletic Shoes only.
No shoes with lights or rollers.
No Dress shoes, sandals or boots.
Socks and tights must be red, white or navy blue. (No patterns or designs)
Hair must be natural looking and neatly groomed. No startling or unusual hairstyles. (No Mohawks or designs cut in the hair.)

Can students wear jeans?
Students may opt to pay $1 to wear jeans on Fridays only.
There are times where students may win or earn a free jeans pass to be redeemed only on Fridays. The money raised from Jean Day goes to the school to fund extra supplies and materials for the school.

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What time of year does tutoring start?
Typically, teachers will take the first 9 weeks to assess students, and recommend tutoring after that.

How long will my child need tutoring?
Teachers will keep a student as long as they feel it’s necessary for their success. Sometimes it’s all year, sometimes it’s just to get through a difficult unit.

What day/time is tutoring sessions?
Tutoring is typically on Tuesday/Thursday after school until 4:00 pm. Some teachers have offered morning tutoring sessions as well. You should see your child’s teacher for specific tutoring information.

In which grades are standardized tests taken?
The STARR test is taken by grades 3-5

What are homework standards for each grade?
Please check with your child’s teacher.

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**All Janie Stark visitors must check in at the office to receive a visitors badge. Make sure to have your ID available.
**All volunteers and chaperones must have filled out and passed the CFBISD required background check PRIOR to volunteering on campus. If you plan on volunteering at any point in the school year, go ahead and fill out your background check NOW using this link

Where do I go to get my background check?
Visit http://www.cfbisd.edu/pages/CFBISD/Departments/Volunteer to fill out your background check. If you plan on chaperoning ANY field trips, background checks are required. Checks do not carry over from year-to-year, and must be re-submitted every year after September 9th. Checks filled out prior to September 9th do not count for the current school year. The application takes up to 2 weeks to confirm, you will receive an email once the background check is completed.

Can I eat lunch with my child?
Yes. After the first two weeks of school. Parents can eat lunch with their child(ren) once a week.  There are reserved tables in the cafeteria for visitors (closest to the doors).  Outside food is allowed. Please note that no lunch visits are permitted on STARR testing days. The school will provide notice of these dates.

Can I eat breakfast with my child?
Yes. Breakfast is served from 7:00 – 7:30 am in the school cafeteria. Parents may sit anywhere they like. Outside food is allowed. Please note that parents are only allowed inside the cafeteria, and are not permitted to enter the rest of the school unless they have an appointment with their child’s teacher.

Is lunch served on early release days?
Lunch is not served on early release days

I forgot to send something to school with my child – what do I do?
The office staff will make every effort to help you in getting an item to them. They just need to know what homeroom teacher your child has.

How do I pick up my child early?
Stop by the office and fill out the form by the nurse’s door. The office staff will call your child’s teacher, and have your child sent to the office to meet you.  If your child needs to be picked up early, they must be picked up before 2:30pm, to avoid the busyness of the office during normal pickup hours. Please allow extra time to pick up your child, as they won’t be called to the office until you arrive and sign them out in person.

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**All Janie Stark visitors must check in at the office to receive a visitor’s badge. Make sure to have your ID available.
**All volunteers and chaperones must have filled out and passed the CFISD required background check prior to volunteering on campus. Fill out your background check using this link.

What volunteer opportunities are available?
Check our Volunteer Opportunites page for a current list of event volunteer opportunities.
The following are just some of the many ways you can get involved:
Tuesday Folders – One of the primary ways the school and PTA communicate with families, Tuesday Folders are filled with informational flyers. Volunteers meet every Tuesday morning in the corridor outside the library to stuff the folders. Contact Amber Willson for more information.
Events – Our calendar is full of family fun events throughout the year, and we couldn’t host successful events without your help. Contact Meredith Watson for more information.
PTA –  Contact Meredith Watson, PTA President

Can I bring my younger kids with me while I volunteer in the school?
You can bring younger siblings along while volunteering for Tuesday Folders. For all other activities, adults only please.
Please note, this is a policy change from prior years.


How do I sign up to volunteer?
Email our volunteer coordinator, Meredith Watson, directly to let her know you’re interested in helping out, or let us know at an event. We’ll be happy to help get you into the right spot for your time and talents.

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What extracurricular activities are available for students?
Sponsored by Janie Stark:
Choir (Grades 4-5) – Contact Mrs. Madl for more information
Safety Patrol (Grades 4-5) – Contact Mrs. Egman for more information
Non-School sponsored activities:
Cub/Boy Scouts – Contact Scott Willson – Cubmaster,  for more information. 972-989-291
Girls Scouts – Contact LouAnn Cross for more information
Destination Imagination – Contact Meredith Watson for more information

What extracurricular activities are available for parents?
Non-School sponsored activities:
Cub/Boy Scouts Leadership Opportunities- Contact Scott Willson – Cubmaster,  for more information. 972-989-2912
Girls Scouts Leadership Opportunities – Contact LouAnn Cross for more information
Destination Imagination Team Manager Opportunities- Contact Meredith Watson for more information
Dad’s Club –

Are students allowed to have water bottles?
Students may bring water bottles for lunch, but will not have access to them during the day. They have regular bathroom breaks, and may stop by the water-fountain then.

Can I send treats to school for my child’s birthday?
Store-bought, packaged treats can be purchased and sent to school, however students will not be able to eat them at school. They will get sent home with their classmates. Home-made treats are not permitted. The school office gives each student a special birthday pencil on their birthday.
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How do I sign up for After the Bell (ATB)?
Visit the CFBISD website here, and follow their instructions.

How does pick up work?
Beginning at 3:15 pm, parents enter through the doors by the cafeteria, and sign their child(ren) out. Parents are not permitted to enter the cafeteria. Only adults listed on your registration forms may pick up your child, and they must have their ID.

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